About Us

Columbus Area Children’s Museum (CACM) will be the first children’s museum in Columbus, NE

Approved by the Columbus City Council, the initial Museum Advisory Board is comprised of a group of passionate individuals of diverse backgrounds, from education to IT to real estate development, who share a deep commitment to education and volunteer their time and support to create a nonprofit organization that will serve the families and youth of the community in Columbus.

By overseeing its governance and policy matters, the Advisory Board act as advocates for the Children’s Museum, supporting and providing directions and guidance on the development of the Museum that promotes creative learning activities through playful and engaging habits.

Meet Our Executive Director

Katy McNeil

Meet The Board

Nicholas Suing

Perla Campuzano

Timothy Kacena

David Catsinas

Allison Brockhaus

Lynsey Kime

Erin Craven

Sheila Hoppe